Posted in January 2013

Using Flicker services

#!/usr/bin/ruby -w # flickr-photo-search.rb require ‘open-uri’ require ‘rexml/document’ # Returns the URI to a small version of a Flickr photo. def small_photo_uri(photo) server = photo.attribute(‘server’) id = photo.attribute(‘id’) secret = photo.attribute(‘secret’) return “{server}/#{id}_#{secret}_m.jpg” end # Searches Flickr for photos matching a certain tag, and prints a URI # for each search result. def print_each_photo(api_key, tag) … Continue reading

RESTful web services

The first question is how the client can convey its intentions to the server. How does the server know a certain request is a request to retrieve some data, instead of a request to delete that same data or to overwrite it with different data? Why should the server do this instead of doing that? I call the … Continue reading

Wherever I go, He goes

If I go to Berkeley, He’s there. If I go back to Auckland, he’s there too. What I thought is gonna be too difficult, I depends on Him fully. He will on the plane with me, in the new flat I am going to. I will not have to deal with this alone.

Objective C

Using Instances In order to use an instance of a class (an object), you must have a variable that points to the object. A pointer variable stores the location of an object in memory, not the object itself. (It “points to” the object.) A variable that points to an object is declared like so: Party … Continue reading

Obama s tech team

4Gb/s, 10k requests per second, 2,000 nodes, 3 datacenters, 180TB and 8.5 billion requests. Design, deploy, dismantle in 583 days to elect the President. #madops


PHP Programmer –  This is a direct hire employment opportunity. Job Description: We are looking for a PHP MySQL developer with a degree in computers or equivalent certification in programming languages that has a strong passion and aptitude for programming and learning. MVC experience is a big plus but not required. Programmers will have the … Continue reading

Must read

Book of Jonah. It’s such a classic, awesome story. Answers many questions, demonstrate Gods love, in a wonderful way. Especially like the ending, where God said something about the animals. Haha! He is definitely concerned about animals.