Interview thoughts..

Popular – talking about learning iphone programming. Talking about Django working with MS SQL database. Talking about finding a solution to solve our legacy system. Knowing about Stackoverflow. Various experiences of working on different systems. Impressive knowledge in the first few minutes (eg Symfony examples such as advanced features, to get them interested).

When the interviewers are not taking notes, gotta remember to repeat and get an impression across. They won’t remember what I said in the beginning. They just will remember bits of it which involves maybe visual examples (eg screenshots, jokes, etc.)

Gotta remember it’s about them, not about you. They have a problem to solve, eg some guy/girl is leaving, and the work needed to be picked up. If not, they are in trouble. So, focus on addressing these issues, and not a self-search monologue. Always check if I am talking about some stuff that is interesting to them. If so, continue talking in an innocent way.

Since I have a lot of experiences in many contexts, don’t answer only one way. They always ask what process you go thru. I did answer something that sounds very beaurocratic, which is not what they want at all. Most of these companies are fast-paced ones that need to deploy often. I have such an experience with e2, so should have used that.

Feeling that they are a bit worried about the scale  of the site – some of these are so big, they have unique issues. I have trouble coming up with the examples which can compare with that. In my next job I gotta remedy that. I gotta come up with an example which can address that worry.

Screenshots are good, remember to use them in a low key way, never assume that they are not interested. Think I got hired by Talent because of the portfolio.

Memorise the version number of your technologies.

Also I have to come up with examples that uses

Not really sure why they keep talking even though I obviously fail the tests. Maybe they are trying to get out of work? Do what you can, because it might not be over yet. Don’t give up. Even if you don’t get it this time, there is always next time. Think of it as building a network. They at least know about me more than before, and therefore is still a degree more familiar.

Write a thank you note. Make it personal. I might not stand out amongst other candidates but making it personal will at least make a deeper impression. This is not computer coding, where you have yes/no. This is human relationship, it’s not so clean cut all the time.





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