Development diary…

Today I arrived trying to finish the offline coupons pages by implementing suggested changes.

Everything falls apart, panic.

It took me a long time to figure out that app_ needed to be added before the sfConfig, by doing a global search.

But it was good to figure out that my SQL is correct. At least I’m confident about that. Breaks it down really helps. Looking at the log file also helps.

Finally read about the manifest, and it makes a little sense for me now. 

Could not figure out why the route wouldn’t work. Try almost to find out other examples. Too little experience on the route.

Figured out by asking for help. It was a browser cache issue. Needed to clear the symfony cache.

Still couldn’t do the requirements regular expression. But anyway the pages seem to work.

Try to get the DSN entry set up so I could test it on the iPad Mini. It was good to force myself to take one hour lunch break.

DSN set up, couldn’t connect. Again ask for help got myself connected.

Still couldn’t understand how the sequence of pages are to load. Never could find the “download offline coupon” link. Confused. Go to the link directly instead. 

Even though InTai is patient, he doesn’t seem to explain in a way I can understand. Maybe he’s too deep in the project to explain it.

Anyway I stick with the typing in URL /my_stuff/offline-coupons/. Trying to make it work. The expired one wouldn’t work. 

Confused, ask for help again. turns out it was a default action I needed to change. A executeManifestAction() I need to change. 

Even more confused. Feel very stupid at this point. Don’t know when the /manifest.appcache loads? Probably when the HTML page which calls it loads?

Anyway need to add filter to this controller. It was a huge query that is impossible to understand. Tried very hard and got it working.

Tried again on the iPad Mini, no working.

Asked for help, so it was because the network is slow. Got a tip that a JavaScript need to change to show the progress. Finally got the “Download Offline Coupons” link showed up. 

So, now tried again, every works. Finally!!!!

The BACK button now works incorrectly. So need to work on that. But at least can see the light at the end of the tunnel.




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