Dev diary 28

Went into work dizzy, over tired I think.

Got the url_for working. instead of doing the ?filter=available, it now does /available. There were no help on the documentation, but a SO post.

Back button don’t work still. A generate_Url in the controller don’t work. Panic and had to ask.

Now it works. But on Android it does not seem to work. Turn off the device seem to clear the browser cache. Now it works. Rather, the offline feature is not available on Android.

During lunch, got a shock that I was slow. Losing confidence.

Afternoon time try to get everything tested. Wrote test cases.

Try to open the admin page, it breaks. Had to remount the resources and repopulate the database. (actually that is really a smart idea).

Still broke. Thought it might be a keyring issue. Change the keyring password to be the same as the login password. Seem to work on ssh, but still not on https page. Restart. Now it works.

No idea why that is.

Go to the ticket and have no idea what’s going on. There are no description. Had to ask.

Understood kind of what’s going on. It was a message on the Deal Progress page.

Did a global search on the message, but it seems to be saving to database, so couldn’t just delete that. Went to the Backend, executeProgress. But confused about which template it goes to. Have to do a global search again! It’s in the progressSuccess.php page. I should really know about the relationship between action and its template. Why is it not mentioned in the tutorial??

Anyway, read too far into the code into the JS, got completely lost. Prayed, and come back and found component(…) call. Went to it, read the menu, now found the partial. Wow God is good.

Add the if statement to filter out the notes. Actually have no idea how it supposed to work. 

Asked for check, and it was wrong. Needed to filter out the first “xyz” note, but display the following one. 




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