Dev diary this week

Just realised that T is another Udaya. Charming, very smooth, but also pick on people. Maybe especially me, or weak people. He is just like that. Don’t try to please him. Just let it be. It was a unfortunate mistake that he is here, and maybe will not work out for me. If I’m already having this much difficulties at the start, it just gonna get worse. 

It took a long time to do this particular ticket. Almost 2 days. I got a bit emersed and forget that I need to have someone to check my work. That was a huge mistake. I should have someone every couple of hours to do it. Because they gotta be responsible too. I don’t own the project like I used to, we all collectively do. 

And we all share the same code, so be extremely nervous about that. They all are, so I need to as well. 

Don’t worry about how long it takes to do the ticket now. My problem is now getting requirements right and pass the review. If I am waiting I can always look at another ticket. I have no problem with speed now anyway. The correctness and the implementation is now more important. And the more I communicate with others, the less likely they will blame me if I made a mistake. 

I’m still a good programmer. Even if I feel like an idiot now, I should not lose confidence. i’m only here to make money, not to lost the self confidence that took years to build. If I do, the money may not be worth it.

Already started looking around. In particular in the US. 

No shame in giving up. People are not me so they don’t know what I go through.

Good on you. The fact that I still go strong after so much criticisms is awesome. It wil prepare me for something in the future.


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