having a look at their admin site now…

Not sure what the GO card means. Is that like a gift card?

I see there is a user privileges – manager, email, login, business…

There is a login records. She seems to be a member of GrabOne but only has a Login credential.

Credit card number, refunds, purchases, gift vouchers (give/received), discussion board, helpdesk messages, etc. The GO credit seem to be in a different page?

Look like I have some expired credits! And there are info about where they come from.

I have a refererer too.. it’s Michelle.

I have some relevance… maybe that’s a marketing tool?

Now to SALES page…

Wonder how the sales are calculated?

Each sales person has his/her own dash board!!

Looks like deal has workflow too. Eg “in progress”, “negotiating”, “etc”.

The dashboard is an absolute science – including deals booked, negotiated, messages, etc.

The “business” in the page is the same as “merchant”.

Ok the sales person’s deal is listed on the deals page.

Now to DEAL page.

Not sure what deal form is.

There are deal status… “some featurs are missing” means url, or facebook, or etc.

Deal form is probably the basic info. Then there’s copy writer, graphics. Probably GO provides these services for them.

There is also a slug. Also the valid dates are in too.

Image status – now understood. Wonder what deal sheets are.

Wonder what agent gets paid – when the coupon is sold? When the coupon is redeemed?

OK there is a PDF thingy that is the deal form. So that must contain the deal info to send to merchant.

“Booking information” contains deal form info. Probably means a booking with the merchant.

There is a settlement account for each deal.

“clone” is kind of like the same deal, only areas and dates are different. But probably need to separate them for accounting purposes.



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