Dev diary 6 April

Arrives at 8am. Very sore.
Looking at the slow query again. Figure out how to do group by within the limit of records, so that it is real fast to execute.
Where do I change it once I figure out where to save?
Had a look at helpdeskMessage, nothing there.
Asked T, he pointed me to HelpdeskTicket class, there’s a big query there he had just worked on. My query doesn’t work as intended.
Tried to break point the query, reading the SQL now – it’s difficult. And somehow the page seem to stuck on the older query even if I refresh the page. Now everything froze.
Now a bit panic, trying to short cut solutions but there isn’t any. Alternatives need to be found.
J came by and wanting to get the code done. So now I switch to the options code. Rewrote several places, in particular the uasort. Now it looks heaps better. After the review,I start doing a Options[0] search. Change all those too. Actually that’s an existing bug right? Nothing to do with my technical ability not being adaquate.
Now T came by and ask me to do something. He said next week. But I tried to do it straightaway. It was a mockup change, I found out about the places to change immediately. But confused about the incentives component. Turn and ask H, he found the component for me. It has a controller! Haha it’s the first time I saw that. Now I understood. So the changes are now completed.
T had a look, and changed the Gift to relatedExists(‘Gift’). And he showed me the a/b test events. Now I see, so checked it on trunk.
Now going back to the Options thing, quickly look around and then change everywhere. At this stage already 5pm. J came and had a look, he made a lot of sense now, more than H actually. At 5:30pm checked stuff to trunk.


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