Dev diary

Went to work usual time. But am quite exhausted so finds it hard to focus. Took a few minutes to gather my thoughts and get started.
Found the place where John described- but not sure how and where to do this? Finds it hard to think because am unfamiliar.
Started writing anyway. Also figured out that actually the determining condition is is_address_required, not coupon type. Added these in.
Tried the change type thing on the page. Is it relevant? Shall I have a third entry in there? How shall I decide about the proper condition? Had him over and discussed for a bit. Guess we couldn’t use that.
Got a Facebook bug, need to fix it and release straight away. Got into conversation with H about the better way to do it.
N came in at this point, and discuss something I couldn’t understand. Felt stupid at this point.
Afternoon. Got completely confused after trying to add removeFreight function and getting validation error. Had no idea, tried looking at everywhere but nothing make sense. Panic mode, tried many different deals still nothing make sense.
Perhaps should stop and draw diagrams at this point, rather than sink into an ocean of helplessness.
Finally at 4pm,asked John and he enabled me to clear my thoughts. Problem is that it is really complicated, trying to solve it quickly usually result in lack of understanding, might be even slower. Can’t see things clearly.


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