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Dev diary

The getParameter will get the names of the element. There is a false as a default. GetMethod- is it necessary? Advertisements

Goals this week

Goals this week. Draw the diagram for the whole login, success progress. Still write a plugin. Play with forms and validator. Go thru that example. Go to shop on wed night.

Goal this week

Write down the features to add for my website. Look for hosting. Play with plugin architecture. Write down the DB relationship. Go swimming on Tuesday, Thursday.

Dev diary

Went to work usual time. But am quite exhausted so finds it hard to focus. Took a few minutes to gather my thoughts and get started. Found the place where John described- but not sure how and where to do this? Finds it hard to think because am unfamiliar. Started writing anyway. Also figured out … Continue reading

Dec diary

Went to work in a good mood. Listened to sermon a lot. Sat down and already felt exhausted. Anyway continue with the ellipsify function. Found out how to use the includes from one helper to another. But how to verify its working? Looking around for pages to verify. T came in and asked how I … Continue reading

Interview thoughts..

Popular – talking about learning iphone programming. Talking about Django working with MS SQL database. Talking about finding a solution to solve our legacy system. Knowing about Stackoverflow. Various experiences of working on different systems. Impressive knowledge in the first few minutes (eg Symfony examples such as advanced features, to get them interested). When the … Continue reading

Seeing myself as this programmer

If these men give me the attitude, then don’t take the job. I am a established professional, my projects work really well. Only get in if all the people want me to be there, and can accept a female programmer. Even though I work for non profit, I am a sharp person and ingenious. I … Continue reading

My next job

Forget about Berkeley. Try other positions in that Uni if you want, but forget about this one. I have already spent a lot of time and money on it, don’t waste any more. My next job should be – good manager – not being forced to sit, freedom to walk around – no dress code, … Continue reading