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Dev diary 6 April

Arrives at 8am. Very sore. Looking at the slow query again. Figure out how to do group by within the limit of records, so that it is real fast to execute. Where do I change it once I figure out where to save? Had a look at helpdeskMessage, nothing there. Asked T, he pointed me … Continue reading


HTML5 provides developers with tools such as Offline Web Storage, GeoLocation API, Canvas Drawing, CSS3, and many more.

Using Flicker services

#!/usr/bin/ruby -w # flickr-photo-search.rb require ‘open-uri’ require ‘rexml/document’ # Returns the URI to a small version of a Flickr photo. def small_photo_uri(photo) server = photo.attribute(‘server’) id = photo.attribute(‘id’) secret = photo.attribute(‘secret’) return “{server}/#{id}_#{secret}_m.jpg” end # Searches Flickr for photos matching a certain tag, and prints a URI # for each search result. def print_each_photo(api_key, tag) … Continue reading

RESTful web services

The first question is how the client can convey its intentions to the server. How does the server know a certain request is a request to retrieve some data, instead of a request to delete that same data or to overwrite it with different data? Why should the server do this instead of doing that? I call the … Continue reading

Obama s tech team

4Gb/s, 10k requests per second, 2,000 nodes, 3 datacenters, 180TB and 8.5 billion requests. Design, deploy, dismantle in 583 days to elect the President. #madops


Detecting Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities in web applications Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities allow attackers to spoof content, steal user cookies, and even execute malicious code on the user’s browsers. There are even advanced exploitation frameworks such as Beef that allow attackers to perform complex attacks through JavaScript hooks. Web pentesters can use Nmap to discover these vulnerabilities in web servers in an automated manner. … Continue reading

PHP Performance tips from Google groups

PHP performance tips Author: Eric Higgins, Google Webmaster Recommended experience: Beginner to intermediate PHP knowledge PHP is a very popular scripting language, used on many popular sites across the web. In this article, we hope to help you to improve the performance of your PHP scripts with some changes that you can make very quickly … Continue reading

PHP: Memcache story

Two plucky adventurers, Programmer and Sysadmin, set out on a journey. Together they make websites. Websites with webservers and databases. Users from all over the Internet talk to the webservers and ask them to make pages for them. The webservers ask the databases for junk they need to make the pages. Programmer codes, Sysadmin adds … Continue reading