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God s place

Need to be with God and Christian people. Tonight i felt so encouraged going to church. Came back feeling really relaxed and ready to face Monday. My mind changed. From worry and upset to positive and relaxed. It’s so good to be in the house of God. Advertisements

Jeremy Lin’s success

He believes that God gave him talent, that’s why he can ignore the racial profiles and focus on developing the skills. He also believes that any setback has a purpose, and it won’t matter in the long tun cause God has other plans.

Wherever I go, He goes

If I go to Berkeley, He’s there. If I go back to Auckland, he’s there too. What I thought is gonna be too difficult, I depends on Him fully. He will on the plane with me, in the new flat I am going to. I will not have to deal with this alone.

Must read

Book of Jonah. It’s such a classic, awesome story. Answers many questions, demonstrate Gods love, in a wonderful way. Especially like the ending, where God said something about the animals. Haha! He is definitely concerned about animals.

Yeah!! God is spoiling me

Wow! I’m now in San Jose, capital of the Silicon Valley. Tony & Jim has a 4 bedroom house, all empty, and a guest house in the backyard. It’s a beautiful character house, more beautiful than anything I’ve seen so far. And I get to stay here for free!! Looking back in these past month, … Continue reading