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chain of stuff

web_store->apps/store/modules/default ->apps/store/modules/deal->forward([module],[action])>indexGridSuccess.php defines several slots()->component(deal, homeGrid)->_homeGrid.php can be a deal or a place. ->goBackendBasePluginDeal. -> components.php -> executeHomeGrid(). Product can be a Deal or a Place


One can override the myUser class in the frontend/lib directory. One can put new functions like getViewedHistory(), setViewedHistory() there. To get a table info, use DoctrineCore::getTable() Once get the table, use ->createQuery() Basics of getting history – getAttribute(), setAttribute(). In the template use $sf_user-> to call the methods. in apps/backend/config/security.yml, default: is_secure change to true. … Continue reading


Component- for example, having a news component that depends on user preferences which can be included in several pages. Action.class.php—- component.class.php SfAction- sfComponent ExecuteMyAction- executeMyXxx MyActionSuccess.php- _myxxx.php

Goal this week

– Be familiar with how component works. In particular how the banner component work. Can understand how it is generated and included. – Write a component myself.   

New methods

– Set goals. – Break down the tasks.  – Be okay with not doing everything, but done at least some things.

PHP Developer

PHP Developer SilverStripe / Drupal Chance to learn other languages if interested Progressive employer who advnaces it’s staff PHP has often been the poor cousin to .NET and Java but things are slowly starting to change. My client has a two decade pedigree at the coalface of software development on an enterprise scale and they … Continue reading

Orion health

Senior Web Developers NZ Largest Software Development Company Flexible Fun and Social Culture Global Market Leader in Health Software A Little Bit About Us   Orion Health was founded in 1993 by current CEO Ian McCrae, employing 5 full time staff. Almost 20 years later and with employee numbers reaching over 650, Orion Health is … Continue reading